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About Us

Peterson Studios Hello and thank you for stopping by our web-site at PETERSON STUDIOS!

Let us start by asking you a question… If your house was burning down would you risk your life to run in and save a CD of jpeg images of your wedding day?

Now look at it this way… if you had a beautiful wedding album full of once-in-a lifetime photographs that were true treasures would that be different? We think so! That’s why at PETERSON STUDIOS we give you those memories so you can pass them on for generations to come. What will you have to show at your 50th wedding anniversary?

We pride ourselves on being in touch with our clients and capturing priceless portraiture of babies, weddings, families, seniors and our corporate friends for commercial photography. We see ourselves as having some of the best equipment in the industry and having the knowledge and talent to back it up. We have a full Professional Photographic lab with equipment to do Press Printed Products such as Books, Cards, Calendars, Wedding Announcements, Business Cards and much more!

At PETERSON STUDIOS we understand that minor details can make or break a photograph. That is why we make sure every last detail is perfected. This is the place to go when you are serious about getting top of the line wedding photography or portraits. At PETERSON STUDIOS we take care and pride in every last option, to make sure that you walk out the door with a portrait that exudes nothing less than perfection.
Let us put our 26 years of experience to work for you. We look forward to working with you!!!

PETERSON STUDIOS is for the quality conscious consumer who settles for no less than perfection.
A picture is worth a thousand words... we'll take them all - and leave you speechless